Workplace Safety


Better Safe Than Sorry


Creating a “safety culture” doesn’t just happen overnight nor does it happen by itself. The importance of establishing a safety culture can mean the difference between staying in business or closing your doors.

When a company experiences workplace injuries, the frequency and severity can easily translate into higher premiums.  Something you can’t afford in a market that is already saturated with competitors.

At Payroll Resources we understand safety. We also understand how it can impact your bottom line. We know how to get you started in creating that safety culture and how to maintain a safe workplace.

Don’t get caught without a plan. Contact us today and start protecting your employees and your investment.


  Required posters

  Written safety programs

  Safety inspections



  First aid – CPR training

  Safety meetings

  OSHA 300 log

  OSHA compliance

  801 injury report

  Accident investigations

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