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Payroll and workers’ compensation insurance go hand-in-hand.  You don’t have one without the other.  Surprisingly, a large number of employers have not integrated the two together to simplify their administration and make life easier.  That’s where Payroll Resources comes in.  No other payroll service provider can offer a choice of conventional or pay-as-you-go policies where premiums are collected at the same time payroll is processed.  In addition to collecting premiums, Payroll Resources can make premium payments on your behalf.


  Integration of workers comp payments into your payroll – avoiding missed or late payments

  Annual payroll audits assistance

  “Pay-as-you-Go" policies  (no large up-front deposits)

 • Better cash flow by collecting premiums every pay cycle

  Claims administration

  Communication with doctors, attorneys, claims managers

  Accident investigations

  Early-Return-To-Work program assistance


Our program will work with any carrier including but not limited to:



  Liberty Mutual




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