Payroll Management


Let us remove the headaches.


For business owners, not much thought is given to the various tasks and consequences associated with processing your own payroll. Tasks such as tracking and collecting hours, data input, mandatory reporting to various agencies, account reconciling, timely payments, deductions, software updates, audits, reports, W-2’s, W-4’s, 940’s, 941’s, and 1099’s. More importantly, keeping up with the changes in tax laws and employment laws that hound us every year can consume even more valuable time.


  Payroll processing

  Garnishment processing & payments

  Final pay processing

  Direct deposit of employee paychecks

  Year-end W-2’s

  Tax deposits & reporting

  Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly pay cycles

  Employee on-line access to pay history and pay stubs

  Benefit deductions and payments

  Workers’ compensation premium calculating and payments


In addition, the following services support the payroll process:


  New-hire reporting

  I-9 support

  W-4 support

  Custom time sheets

  Workers comp premium audits


We also offer web-based automated time keeping options that include:


  Mobile clocking in/out   (via smart phones)

  Biometric time clocks    (fingerprint / hand-scan)

  Web clock    (clock in/out from your desk)

  Access from any computer with internet connection


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