About Us


Makana and Lisa Apo have been partners in building a family, and a family business, since 1985.


It all started when Lisa began working as a bookkeeper for a local advertising company—where she built skills and a reputation for loyalty, hard work and attention to details.  Soon after, in 1993 Makana took a position as a workplace safety specialist for a large human resource management company and eventually settled in as a branch manager.  Having collectively acquired years of experience in payroll, HR, safety, and workers comp, they decided to open up shop in March of 2001 and began catering to small businesses. Today, their business has grown in Oregon and has expanded into California and Arizona where they continue to service small to mid-sized employers.  They continue to “think outside the box” and take pride in helping other businesses grow and prosper.


“We’re not interested in being the least expensive.  We just want to be the best.  I think we have accomplished that through our unique set of services and hands-on approach to customer service”.

83 Centennial Lp, Suite 2, Eugene Oregon 97401 | Phone: (541) 744-8923 | Fax: (541) 868-1532

4800 SW Macadam Avenue, Suite 245, Portland Oregon 97239 | Phone: (503) 223-4408 | Fax: (503) 223-4431

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